How to Download and Install a Blogger XML Template (Part 2)

On our previous post, we've shown you how to download and install a Blogger XML template through our site by getting the .zip file, extracting it, and then uploading the .xml file on Blogger. This time, we're making it simpler by providing some of our blogger templates in text file. --Just follow the steps below to know how to install them:

BUT FIRST, READ THIS: Make sure that you back up your old template just in case something bad happens. Do this by clicking on the "download full template" link, and then save the file.

Now, for the instructions:

1. Click on the download link.

2. Copy the content of the text file.
Note: Make sure to copy the HTML text only and DON'T include the line located way below the page that says: "Edit this page (if you have permission) | Google Docs -- Web word processing, presentations and spreadsheets."

3. Login to Blogger and edit your template HTML.

4. Delete everything that's inside your HTML editor, and paste the content of the text file that you have just copied.

5. Save and you are done!