Semipro II Blogger Template

Name: Semipro II Blogger Template
Type: Original Blogger Template
Author: Dzelque
Author's Note: Like always, I recommend that you use your own header image (check out the demo page) with the optimum size of 860 by 180 pixels. Without that image in the demo, it'll be just empty background. If you write down your own Title and Description on your image, then choose to hide the default Blog Title and Description. Here's instruction on how to upload your image. If you want the image I use in the demo page, right-click on the image and click 'View Background Image'. Then save it into your computer.
You can have the side columns to be either 1 wide column, 2 narrow columns, or 3 columns as in the demo. For example, if you want just 2 narrow columns, then don't add any Page Elements into the top wide column. It's easy to see this when you try it yourself.
Don't forget to put links in the linkbar. And if you don't like the footer color to be bright, just change it easily in the Settings.
WOW Blogger Templates Rating: 7/10

*Note: If the page or images from the demo site are not shown correctly, that means it is experiencing high traffic. Try to access the page later.