Blogger Trick: Where to Host JavaScript Files for Free

If you have uploaded some of the files for your Blogger templates particularly JavaScripts at Google Page Creator (Google Pages), then you may be worried by now that your hosted files will break since Page Creator will be discontinued soon. Of course there are other hosting services that will let you upload and save your JavaScripts for free. The problem is they are not as reliable and as good as the services Google could offer.

Should you feel desperate and just die in vain now? Of course you shouldn't. There’s no need to be sad folks because you can still upload your JavaScript files for free using another free Google product called Google Sites. But not too fast as you will need to follow these simple instructions first:

1. Get your JavaScript file and open it with a text editor (e.g. notepad).

2. Save it with a “.txt” extension instead of “.js”.


yourjavascript.js to yourjavascript.txt

3. Go to Google Sites and login using your existing Google/Blogger account.

4. Create a new site, and then attach/upload your newly created .txt file.

5. Once uploaded, right-click on the file and copy the link location.


Note: There’s no need to include this part of the URL:


6. Finally, paste the copied URL to your Blogger template code.

Now you have a new host for your JavaScript files, and be happy because it is still Google :-)