How to Have Expandable Posts ("Read More" option) on Blogger

On Wordpress blogs, it is easy to create or to have an expandable post summaries or "read more" option by simply using plugins. On Blogger, you will have to edit your HTML file to have an expandable post. Luckily, there are plenty of available templates for Blogger right now that you can use to have an expandable post without editing the HTML code. has posted an excellent tutorial and just about everything that you need to know on creating "expandable posts" on Blogger.

"The "Read more..." option (aka "expandable posts") allows you to show a shorter version of a longer post, or a summarized version, in the main page of the blog. The readers can then expand the post to its longer full version in the post-page by clicking the "Read more..." button. This option is great if you have posts that are too long to be shown on the main page."

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