How to Place/Embed AdSense Ads Inside Blogger Posts

It has been proven by a lot of bloggers that placing or embedding AdSense ads inside a blog post can help increase Click-through rate (CTR) thus boosting the earnings. But before you jump into putting those ads into your blog entries, let me warn you that it is not as simple as placing those ads at the sidebar or at the footer area of your template.

To guide you through the process of putting/embedding AdSense ads inside your Blogger post, I recommend you read this handy and enlightening article that is written by Rajeev Edmonds of

"Often, we want to embed our AdSense code at the desired place in and around our blogger post. Novice bloggers with little or no knowledge of CSS may find it difficult to place the AdSense ads at the desired place. Blogger has limited options and place your ads at predetermined positions. For example, if you want to place an ad just below the heading of your post, it does not give you that liberty to do it. If you will try to put the code in your post from within the post editor, it will not work at all and will appear as plain text in your post. There are few simple techniques that enable you to place these ads at the location you want it to appear."

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