How to Get Good PageRank: Read the Google Webmaster Guidelines

So you have finished setting up your Blogger blog and have published several posts. You are now doing everything you can to improve the number of visitors to your site, like maybe exchanging links with your online friends and perhaps applying a few Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. But then in spite of your hard work, you have noticed in the long run that you still have a very low PageRank (PR), and some if not most of your blog entries are not indexed by Google. What did you do wrong?

Maybe you failed to read the Google Webmaster Guidelines. I highly recommend that you read it very carefully because it's one of the keys to becoming a highly effective site/blog owner and as a result make your sites look on Google. The guidelines are divided into three very simple parts. As pointed out by Google, the "Quality Guideline" is the most important part that is why you should not take it for granted.

Actually, there are plenty of ways on getting a good PageRank for your blog or website, but before you go on exploring, you should read the Google Webmaster Guidelines first and foremost.