Installing and Customizing Feedburner FeedCount Chicklet

Feedburner is the popular Google-owned feed aggregator that provides custom RSS feeds and services for bloggers, podcasters, and other web-based content publishers. Perhaps one of the most basic and important services that Feedburner gives us is to let us know how many subscribers or readers our sites have. We can also then display the number of subscribers on our blog by using the FeedCount chicklet.

Installing the FeedCount chicklet on a Blogger blog is really very easy since you will be guided accordingly once you have registered or signed up on Feedburner. But there's one cool trick that will let you change or edit the text display of the chicklet. Like say default text will show that you have "888 readers". You can then change the word "readers" to "viewers" or "listeners" or whatever you like.

For this trick, we will let the good guy at, show us how to do it right. You can read his excellent tutorial on installing and customizing the Feedburner FeedCount chicklet on a Blogger blog HERE.