Simple Tips on Choosing the Right Template for Your Blogger Blog

For those of you who are new to blogging, I know it's kind of hard to pick a Blogger template since there are a lot to choose from. So I'm here to give you a little bit of my time and knowledge (based on experience) to share to you some of the simple tips in choosing the right theme. I hope this will in some way make your life a lot easier :-)

1. Know your purpose of blogging
The most important thing to do before you go on choosing a blogger template is to ask yourself this question: Why am I blogging?

If you can answer that, then read tip number two.

2. Pick a Blogger template that’s based on your purpose
Some of you may start a blog because you want to earn money or you want to become famous, while others may do it for fun like for writing an online diary without caring whether someone will read/visit the blog or not.

For those of you who want to make a living from blogging, you should choose your template very carefully. I recommend that you get an advertisement-ready and SEO-friendly theme. There are a lot of available ad-ready template out there but be careful not to fill your blog with advertisements as this will be a big turn-off to your visitors. But that's another story. I would also suggest that you choose a layout that can be easily tweaked.

For those of you who are blogging for fun, just pick the simplest template out there or whatever fits your personality.

3. Choose a template based on your blog niche
This is very easy: If your blog is all about making money, then I would suggest you check out the layout of some successful blogs in this niche like say Problogger or ShoeMoney. If it's all about gadgets or computers in general, then check out some successful tech blogs... and so on. But you don't necessarily need to copy everything that you see, just make them as sort of your blog design inspiration.

I think those are the three most important things to consider when you choose a blogger template. But I should add that you be creative and pick a theme that somehow fits your character.