How to Add (Install) Inline Comment Form in Blogger Blog

You may notice the slick and professional looking inline comment form inside each and every Wordpress site and wish to have it added inside your Blogspot/Blogger blogs. Well, rejoice my friends because that great feature is now available on Blogger (see screenshot below) so it is very much possible to install or add the inline comment form inside your blog posts. If you are already excited, let's get down to business and show you how to do it.

1. You may have heard about Blogger Draft, sign in from there using your Blogger account.

2. Choose a blog (in case you have two or more blogs) to modify and go to "Settings".

3. Next, click on the "Comments" tab.

4. For the "Comment Form Placement" select the "Embedded below post" option.

5. Save the changes and you are done.

Take note that some of the older custom blogger templates may not support inline comment form and require a little HTML tweaking. We will be updating this post soon to show you how to fix the issue.