iLike Blogger Template

Name: iLike Blogger Template
Type: Original Blogger Template
Author: Dzelque
Author's Note: This template design is inspired by the simplicity of the popular blogs Problogger by Darren Rowse (Alexa rank 3032) and Digital Inspiration by Amit Agarwal (Alexa rank 11377). Some features of these two blogs are incorporated in this ilike template.

The new feature of this template is that there is a special space for a Google Search Box near the blog header. To add the search bar: login to your Adsense account, get the code for the Google search bar, and then paste into the a HTML/Javascript widget that you open up from the Add a Page Element tab (follow the green arrow below). You can customize this space to match the color of the search box by using the Layout panel.

Note: The space is meant for one search bar only. If you put anything else, the header might be misaligned. You may try it yourself if you want to.

Google Search Box: There are many choices of the search box to select from. I'd recommend to use the box as shown in the demo blog (with a selection of any colors you want from the Adsense page). If you want a different search box, make sure that it fits nicely into the template by testing it yourself. If it doesn't work, just stick to the sample box in the demo blog.
WOW Blogger Templates Rating: 8/10

*Note: If the page or images from the demo site are not shown correctly, that means it is experiencing high traffic. Try to access the page later.