Probloggy Blogger Template

Name: Probloggy Blogger Template
Type: Original Blogger Template
Author: Dzelque
Author's Note: Ok. Here's something different, or common, depending on how you see it. It's different that this template is an imitation, similar but not identical, to a blog that's already out there. It's common that this blog that I tried to copy is already a prominent blog on how to blog, or how to blog to make money.

The original template is used on Problogger by Darren Rowse (template designer is Ben Bleikamp). It contains tons of infos on how he makes money, programs to help you make money, tricks to know to help you make money, and what size of money can you expect from blogging. And it goes on and on, in a good way, about the love and hate relationship between blogging and money - more the love relationship I suppose.

If you want to use an image for the header, the size should be 965 x 140 pixels to make it fit perfectly to the header. Fill in the linkbar to get the list of links at the top of the header.
WOW Blogger Templates Rating: 8/10

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