3 Very Important Things to do Before Installing a Blogger Template

Installing a template for Blogger is really easy but it is best to carefully plan everything before doing so in order for you to be efficient and to save some time as a result. This can also help you in avoiding future errors or problems. So I've listed here several things that you should do first and foremost before you go on installing the Blogger template of your choice:

1. Backup

It is highly recommended to create a backup of your existing Blogger theme just in case you'll encounter trouble after installing the new template. Also, it will let you easily reuse your old theme if you will not like the new one.

2. Make a test site

How do you make a test site? Well, create a new Blogger blog and test your template on it. Messing up your main blog can be a big turn-off to your existing site visitors so this will save you from it.

3. Prepare/Find host for the external files

Your blogger template may contain files that need to be hosted externally like images and JavaScipts. There are tons of free image file hosts including Google's very own Picasa Web Albums. It is also possible to find a free host for JavaScript files.

There you have it. Make these your 3 Golden rules to follow before you install a Blogger template and everything will be OK.